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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. >> the big fireworks show in san francisco ended with a bang just minutes ago and this year the fog cooperated. good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> tens of thousands of people enjoyed a great 4th of july fireworks show under clear skies in san francisco as the fog stayed away from the waterfront. john live with where the show just wrapped up. >> reporter: the fireworks here wrapped up just about ten minutes ago but take a look up in the night sky right now.
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he with can show you parts of the show that wowed this huge crowd. . it was the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air. >> everybody is looking for a spark in life and the fireworks just does it for you every time you look at them you see freedom and sparks that you want in life. >> reporter: for hundreds of thousands of people who came to san francisco's waterfront this was a big party. with a rotten economy it's a tough time in the history of the nation. >> it's sadder for me because i'm older and i it's going to be difficult for my kids. >> i think its getting better, i do. i think the economy is picking up and i was able to find work
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soy mean i think its picking up. are many despite this wrongy period it seems it's hard it be down while watching fireworks. >> >> i think that's just a big celebration that fireworks make the great. >> it's beautiful. yeah. blessed, god is good. i'm blessed right now today. >> reporter: people we talked to said they hope that next year will be much better than the last one. live in san francisco. >> for bay area businesses the celebrations can be a mixed bag. the sunny skies helped encourage people to flock to the waterfront. live music at pier39 attracted people, giving businesses a boost. >> it's amazing today, the biggest day of the year, july 4th. we are have a giants game, fireworks. >> the producers of the fireworks show took a bit of a
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hit at cities tightened their belt. the show lost business when livermore, and pittsburgh all canceled their shows. we will have more coverage ahead of the celebrations including the show in new york. at 10:30 the city of tracy changes its fireworks law and at 10:45 a saming of the bay area's red, white and blue parades and barbecues. >> dozens of runner park residents are out of a home after a fire at an apartment building. we were there on the 6900 block of commerce as firefighters worked to put out the flames. the fire destroyed the roof of the 12 unit complex december placing 30 residents, fortunately nobody was seriously hurt but a firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. in san francisco authorities are blaming fireworks for a brush fire. happened about 3:30 at the intersection of delta and hamilton. authorities say the fire burned
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four to five acres. firefighters stopped the flames from reaching el dorado. if they hadn't they say the fire would have been much worse. >> the thing with the school also surrounded with lier, denser vegetation. >> firefighters say they will be staying on alert all flight for the possibility of more fireworks related incidents. >> and despite that people are still firing off illegal fireworks. new, lloyd live in san jose where some are clearly ignoring all of the warnings. >> reporter: heather, san jose no longer has a big city response scored show but you can still see one. here it's a tradition to set off fireworks. what's more -- rivaled professional show but these are illegal baggie fired off into the night sky. >> we like fireworks.
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it's just happens. people take precautions. >> reporter: if ennot big fireworks there are fire crackers. >> it's fun. it's -- everybody looks at it. kids -- it captures everybody's eye. >> reporter: you think of the danger? >> yeah but everybody keeps it under control er the law says anything that flies in to the sky or explodes is illegal. >> richard santos a retired fire captain and fears it's a matter of time before something bad happens. >> happens. >> don't burn the place down. it's -- that's not fun. >> reporter: firefighters were out tonight trying to educate people about the dangers of setting off fireworks. the police chief was also out tonight. he said they don't have the resources to crack down on this
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activity. >> the most practicallal approach is in educational to tell people it's dangerous, you could loots your fingers or eyes and hope think that will hopefully that will keep it down. >> reporter: i must say that this what we have been watching has been going or for almost two hours straight. live in san jose, ktvu channel 2news. >> the city of oakland is another city that didn't hold an official display tonight. take a look, the cameras have seen plenty of illegal fireworks in that city. this is the view from skyline road. we called the fire department to see if they responded to any injuries and they say as of tonight they haven't. >> about 90 minutes ago a team in sonoma found the body of a man who drowned in the russian
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river. a strong current swept him and a woman away. the sheriff a department said he was last seen about 2:15 this afternoon as he helped the woman into a kayak that came to rescue them. crews also pulled four kids to safety in a separate incident in the area this area. on the bay today the coast guard was out in force with extra patrols. we saw this helicopter near the berkeley marina. other law enforcement agencies joined coast guard practicel toes on the waterways as they tried to ensure everybody from wind surfers to boaters was taking appropriate safety precautions. update onto small plane that landed on interstate 280 that we first told you about last night. the california highway patrol identified the pilot as 53-year- old scott mohanan. his plane had mechanical failure so he glided it to a landing on the freeway.
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the landing gear clipped a car, denting the roof and breaking the back window but nobody was hurt. >> new information tonight about a fishing trip to mexico that turned deadly when a boat filled with northern california tourists capsized in a storm. one person is dead, seven tonight are missing. 27 american tourists were on board the boat. all but one was from here in northern california. amber lee is live wither she spoke to the wife of one of survivors. >> reporter: we are at the boat ramp where the 62-year-old man usually takes off from for his local fishing trips. tonight his wife said he was wearing a life vest and that's what saved him. richard works for the giants as an ush er and was on the boat that capsized. he was with friends on a
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fishing trip. >> he was one of the people that -- was lucky. he is a good swimmer. >> reporter: her husband has been emotional during his phone calls but he is unhurt. he said he spent 12 hours in the water. the united states coast guard is a sifting the mexican navy in the search and rescue. earlier today authorities considered calling off the operation but decided to continue saying the warm waterren creases the possibility for survival. >> the helicopter conducts path patterns in which they sweep up and down. >> reporter: survivors include charles gibson, and michael ing of belmont. his wife said he enjoy this is yearly fishing trip and survived by clinging to a floating cooler. >> he said he was praying for
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his life. >> what's your emotion now? >> relief. you know and sorrow for the other people. >> reporter: she said her husband and others are staying at a hotel and are trying to figure out how to get. everything they owned is at the bottom of theo ocean. among the missing is donald lee of san ramone. >> later pictures that show a story survival. the river rafting head adventure. >> fog returns to the bay area, how it'll impact temperatures. tomorrow's forecast coming up. >> i hope its one of those things that they did it as a last resort. >> questions tonight about why bart police shot and killed a
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man with a knife. could they have used a taser insaid? >> it was a gutsy move, 235 moves ago. our forefathers declaring independence from great britain and what it's meant since is uniquely american.
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. a roll over accident in antioch. the driver lost control on a turn on hillcrest avenue. the car then went over the
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center median, through a fence and then hit a tree. one man was trapped inside the car. he was freed and take ebben taken to the hospital. bart police outlined the circumstances leading up to last night's deadly officer involved shooting on a bart platform. as david david stevenson. >> reporter: police say it startedda as a routine call. a man with an open container of alcohol at the civic center station. it ended in his death after he allegedly use aid knife and bottle against two officering. the officers, one with six years experience and the other with 18 months arrived at platform number one at 9:45. with in a minute one officer had drawn his gun and shot the suspect. he died an hour later.
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>> he had a knife, he use aid bottle as a weapon. one of the officers is uninjured. our officers are -- used the force they felt was necessary in defense of their life. >> reporter: one officer was armed with a taser, he said it's not clear why he didn't use it but he believes his officers acted correctly. >> from what i know at this point yes, i'm comfortable. >> reporter: he said tapes show part of the incident. he is calling for potential witnesses to come forward. >> i remember a woman had her bike and was -- she was crying but she was saying the cops had killed someone down stairs. . >> reporter: damon said he heard several shots. >> i hope its one of those things that they did it as a last resort. they really had no other option i hope. >> reporter: the injured officer had a minor cut. both are on leave. san francisco police, bart police and bart administration are investigating the shooting.
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david stevenson,. >> it was two and a half years ago that an officer shot and killed oscar grant in oakland. since that shooting they have put in new training procedures. each officer must have 40 hours of training each year which is more than the state's requirement of 24 hours every two years. training includes the use of tasers, diversity and conflict resolution. >> going between different levels of force from maybe a baton to pepper spray to -- from a taser to your gun, from that back to the taser. it's are some of the issues and situations that have been presented to the officers. >> reporter: bart said it'll be analyzing what happened last flight as partial of its investigation. >> another lawsuit has been filed over a train crash that killed six in the nevada
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desert. the survivor is a caution the trucking company involved of negligence because the driver failed to stop. she is also blaming amtrak in her suit. she said she was blocked from escapinga. >> new legal troubles for the former head of the international monetary fund just as the case against him seems to be falling apart. he is free on bail after questionsa rose about the creditability of the hotel maid. now a writer in france said she will pursue charges. >> the president and his family celebrated the 4th by having 1200 guests over for barbecue. the president hosted members of the military and their families at the white house. this is the third year he this have marked the holiday by spending it with servicemen and
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women. >> this day is possible because of your service. so, i think it's only appropriate that we give i a chance to celebrate it as well. god bless you, god bless the united states of america and happy 4th of july. >> the president then shook hands and posed for photographs with some of his guests. this evening's entertainment included the united states marine band and the rock group train. >> the troops in its afghanistan war zone tried to celebrate today as best they could. marines cooked up steaks and hot dogs, there was even some independence day cake. they said they tried to reflect on the meaning of this day. >> i have had quite a few days away from home, from the states and it really makes you appreciate the things we enjoy as americans and happy to celebrate but it's a day like any other. work still needs to be done. >> one lance corporal said the food was great and it reminded
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him of being back home eating hot dogs by the lake. >> for many of us it means fireworks, parades, barbecue and the day off from work. rita williams says how it's also a remind eve of what it means to be an american. >> reporter: there was plenty of patriotism today. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: faces of some of the people out of 7 billion in the world who call the united states home. >> we are probably the most fortunate on this planet. >> just great to be an american. you can do whatever you want hard work and effort you can achieve whatever you want. >> reporter: and you don't have to be born here. >> i feel i'm part of the america because -- i'm an american citizen. >> reporter: 235 years ago our four fathers declared independence from great britain. >> i don't remember what happened in 1776.
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i don't remember what happened in 1978. >> reporter: but she remembers this is her 92nd independence day. >> i think it's a wonderful country. i'm glad i'm in it. i'm glad i'm inin it. >> reporter: for joe it means fighting in world war ii. >> i have a lot of pride that i had a chance to serve the country. we fought for freedom. >> i'm proud to be an american. >> reporter: and a woman pushing a cart who calls herself sparkle talked about a country where people help each other. >> be a good citizen to the next person you see walk down the street. >> reporter: we are all americans she said. >> in new york, macy's put on a rapid fire fireworks display tonight. the fireworks display over the hudson is said to be the biggest in the country. in all the show included 40,000
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shells along a two mile stretch of the riverfront. this year's theme was the gift of freedom and paid tribute to the 125th anniversary of the statue of liberty. >> good evening. despite the moderate cooldown we are heating it back up in trim for your back to work tuesday. we will be off to a mild start. we are talking 50s and low 60s. mostly sun why i skies and the temperatures three to six degrees warmer along the coast as well as the inland areas. as we move through the afternoon you are going to notice in some cases we are warmer tomorrow than what we saw today. sitting in below 60s in and around the coastline to low 740s inland. the lunchtime warming up. upper 840s inland and then for the afternoon upper 60s, low
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70's along the coastline hitting 100 dress in some cases. we will show you the neighborhood in just a few and if this is just to much for you we have a cooldown on the way and will show you that in the next half hour. >> get the barbecue, some hit the slopes to celebrate the 4th of july. skiers and snow boarders, some sported shorts or red, white and blue clothing. it's one of four that opened this holiday weekend. skiers said the conditions were fantastic, especially for a 73- degree day in july. a black bear during the morning on 2. the bear didn't cause in i problems, just walked across the slopes and back this into the forest. >> what police say caused this car to flip over in the east bay and land upside down sending several to the hospital. >> a frightening trip down the
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american river in the sierra nevada foothills and it was all caught on video. we will have a live report. s
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no a police car crashed into another before it flipped over on highway 4. it happened just before 11 near the willow avenue exit. police say the officer was distracted because a prisoner in the backseat was spitting on him. police say none of the people in the crash were seriously hurt. richmond police are stepping up papa tolls patrols. a 19-year-old and 26-year-old were killed in richmond and 28-
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year-old ray hudson junior was killed in north richmond. at this point police haven't made any arrests. >> jurors started deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial. what is at stake for the young mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old. >> reporter: jurors wrap up their first day of chris after the prosecution concluded it's rebuttal. the fate of the woman accused of murdering her 2-year-old is now in their hands. she is charged with first degree murder of her daughter and could face the death penalty. she sat stone faced earlier as the judge told jurors how to proceed. he gave them the option of finding her guilty of a lesser crime such as second degree murder, manslaughter or third degree felony murder. >> there are if you decide that the main -- you will next
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need to decide if the dissect defendant is guilty of any lesser crime. >> reporter: after six weeks the jurors have now completed their first six hours of deletion. they will return here to the courthouse 8:30 a.m. tuesday morning to resume deliberations and the judge will give everybody 30 minutes warning before that verdict is read in court. in orlando. >> a power outage in morgan hill. pg&e said more than 2400 are without power. they lost service around 7:15. pg&e said it doesn't know what caused the outage.
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>> they kept going and the current kept going and i thought we have to get out. >> capsized in white water. how rafters escaped potential serious danger. >> and police fight with a protester after squatters take over a building. you will hear their message act housing units.
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. a homeless man is recovering after being rescued from a flash flood in las vegas. this is video showing the man clinging to a shopping cart yesterday before rescuers lowered a ladder to bring him to safety. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. authorities have been warning for weeks now about the danger of the unusually high spring runoff in california rivers.
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tonight bay area rafters saying they are lucky to be alive after after a rafting trip yesterday on the american river. ken wayne is live. >> reporter: everybody on the raft was wearing life jackets and two of them had helmet cameras. this is one of them. the cameras show just what it's like to cap size in white water. >> my god we are going to die! >> reporter: moments after putting in to the south fork of the american river the raft carrying seven bay area passengers gets flipped. >> big drop. . >> reporter: all seven are week swept downstream. >> i started doing the head count and trying to get everybody out of the river. it's a big current, high water, cold,. >> reporter: nowhere to get out and the current sweeping some into low hanging branches. >> got a little sketchy,
10:31 pm
trees, on the right side, didn't want to get caught up on anything. i was like i'm out of here. i have to get back to the middle of the water. >> reporter: some were able to cling to the overturned raft, others were on their own hoping not to get sucked under. >> that question, this is not the way s this going to be the way that i go? >> the current kept going and i thought we have to get out of this river,. >> that was the part of it that seemed like an eternity. . >> reporter: eventually a calm spot to get out. a woman was put in the hospital for shock. she still doesn't remember the cap size. >> have you to respect the river and things like this happen but as long as you are prepared like i thought we were nobody got hurt. >> reporter: here is the incident from another angle. despite the scare the people we talked to said they would go back, just not tomorrow. live in danville. >> we have new video of a
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squatter protest at an empty building in the mission district. at one point police tried to keep more from going inside the empty building and that's what one man put his hands on an officer. the man was arrested, he was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. the group homes not jail said the building at has 42 housing units that have been empty for 19 years. they say throughout the city there are 32,000 housing units signature empty. >> people say they don't have the resources to house our 10 you this homeless people. we do have them. we just . >> homes not jail said it would like to seat board push for a tax for homeowners who leave housing units unoccupied for more than a year. they also say they will remain squatting in the mission district property until police kick them out.
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>> the secret service is now on the case after someone hacked a fox news twitter page and claimed that the president had been assassinated. hackers posted six twe, ts on the political account saying the president had been shot to death while in iowa. fox news called them malicious and wants twitter to september. hackers welcome claim to have got then to apple. the group said it stole more than two dozen user names and passwords. they said not to worry, since it was not a primary target of them. >> roger clemens is due in federal court. the latest star to stand trial on steriod charges. his trial on perjury is scheduled to start wednesday in washington. prosecutors say the former pitcher lied when he told a committee in 2008 he did not use performance enhancing
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drugs. his former strength trainer says he did. the trial is expected to last four to six weeks. >> while many towns are saying no to fireworks this 4th of july one town is saying yes to safe and sane fireworks for the first time in its history. >> get them. >> reporter: this is the first year fireworks have been sold in tracy in the 100 years since the town was founded. >> everybody had them but for tracy. it's good to see. . >> reporter: the battalion chief doesn't know why it took so long to get the new ordinance but said it makes sense when it comes to educating people about what to use. >> city council spot is that by legalizing the safe and sane maybe people will go toward the safer former fireworks. >> we are automatic out of this. >> reporter: nine lucky nonprofits were selected to set
10:35 pm
up shop. >> it's very cool. i can help them. >> reporter: she set off fireworks before they see the big show in town. others are using the opportunity to host a party of their own. >> our neighborhood is doing something. >> reporter: diane picked out a few brands for the big celebration. >> recommended the tnt, steel ring, it's like a finale. are many with unthat will debut every year from here on out. next year they plan to offer forbids for nonprofits. >> it's expected that fireworks sames in tracy will generate about half a million dollars for the nine charities. >> sciencists blame air pollution for changes in the earth ear temperatures. a boston university study shows a link between the pace of global warming and an increase in the amount of sulfur in the atmosphere between 2000 and 2008. it's because of coal burning.
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global warning slowed during that but the pause was only temporary. the study reports temperatures shot up during 2009 and 2010 as the sulfur dropped out of the air leaving green house gases. >> new information about mammograms. doctors focus on the individual. >> our temperatures four to seven degrees cooler than last night. . >> paraded before cameras, the big time arrest in mexico that's of interest to united states authorities.
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. new guide lines on when women should receive mammograms. doctors say it's not a particular age but something
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more personal. john fowler. >> reporter: about one in six women will get breast cancer. guidelines call for tests every other year starting at 50. >> i don't think that's right but it's insurance, politics, money. . >> reporter: some groups recommend regular tests at 40. >> people in my group knead to start having them just for caution. >> reporter: not truaered coulding to new bay area research. >> how frequently you get them really should be personalized. it should be based on your own person risk. >> reporter: steve cummings said most women shouldn't get them frequently. recommendations based in part on breast density. saying dense ones have triple the cancer risk. >> even as much as it does on age and other factorsful. >> reporter: one of the most interesting parts of the
10:40 pm
recommendations is at information of a woman's feelings, the assurance on one hand and the rick of a worry from a false positive on the other. >> i got nervous. i do feel more secure getting them. >> about a third of women who net them will have a false positive. >> reporter: triggering unneeded tests. >> it's a cost saving measure on them but it may be a death sentence for women who don't get them. >> a drug company is taking steps to prevent united states prison officials from using its drug in executions, a number of states want it as part of a three drug cook taste cocktail. they say from now on it will deny drugs to united states
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prisons. denmark hasn't had a civilian execution since 1982. >> an aaccused bosnian war criminal was combative at the criminal court. he kept interrupting the judge. the judge finally ordered him removed. in mexico police parades an alleged drug cartel king pin in front of cameras. is he warned by the united states for his suspected involvement in the killings of custom agent in february. officials say he is a former member of an elite member of the mexican army. hugo chavez thrilled followers speaking to them from the presidential palace. he return from cuba today where he had surgery for cancer.
10:42 pm
it'll been reported he might be out for months. he said his doctors limbed his speeches to 30 minutes. he has been known to speak for hours. >> the final countdown. today the crew of atlantis arrived. why just four will be on board the final flight. >> and we are tracking the fog tonight. how it'll impact the workweek. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪
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there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. gives you more ways to earn points.
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no the crew for the final flight of the space shuttle program arrived today. the four veterans flew in from houston on two jets. atlantis is scheduled to launch friday morning at 8:26. the crew said it's happy to be part of the last flight of the 30 year shuttle program. >> we have just delighted to be here after a very; very hard
10:45 pm
nine month training. we are thrilled to be here in florida more launch week. >> there are just four crew members because there are no shuttle left for rescue if something happened to atlantis after launch. the crew would have to return on the smaller russian c aps ule. >> before the fireworks there were the parades and all the other july 4th celebration around the area and we checked out several of them and gives us a sample. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: american music filled the area in piedmont as hundreds lined the streets to watch the independence day parade. >> happy had 4th of july. >> reporter: it had a hometown foo el with bag pipers and lots of red, white and blue, everything american was represented from the irs handing out audits all in good fun and then uncle sam trying to collect. >> i'm a trillon dollars in debt and i would like to be bailed out. >> reporter: the people in the
10:46 pm
crowd were decked out in colors about you some took it further, outfitting their pets. there were some who were phase age serious reality. justin is about to go to afghanistan. >> more nervous excitement than anything else. we know we are goodw. know we can survive. just nervous excitement to go and get it over with. >> reporter: in jack london square people celebrated barbecue, they had a petting zoo and activities for kids. > >> good people down here and we have good music and i will find me something good to eat like a big piece of corn. >> reporter: in berkeley the fun continues with music and people strolling the marina. many took advantage of a free dragon boat ride. >> we were like let's try that. >> reporter: whether they were celebrating on the water or land today was about family and
10:47 pm
freedom. >> viewers have been sending us photographs of how they spent the holiday. lue find them on the website. just look for the slide house tab. >> a stu new study suggests environmental factors may be as important as genes in causing autism. the study found a higher than expected rate of autism in farternal twins. it found the disorders happened in 31% of male twins and 36% of the females. s. >> an american president was celebrated today in london but not because it was independence day. a ten foot tall statue of ronald regan. he was honored as a giant of the 20th century. this year is the 100th anniversary of his birth. >> good evening.
10:48 pm
a stronger sea breeze toe really brought the temperatures back from five to 15 degrees and brought the coast clouds back as well. we managed to stay mostly clear and tonight we are dealing with just a little bit off the coast. santa cruz, half moon bay. the rest of us still dealing mostly clear skies, pretty good prize. the rest of us from ten to 15 miles an hour and we will continue with that until midnight and thin they will start to let up. a stronger sea breeze, tomorrow we will see a return of the heat from three to six degrees warmer. we will wake up with just a little bit of patchy fog and the sea breeze will be weaker. we expect that fog to turn off quickly. let me show you what's in the forecast. fog back tonight. rolling n it's patchy in nature. tomorrow morning we start with it at about 6:00. you could see around the golden gate, the north tip of san francisco, showing you 7:00 and
10:49 pm
it's pulled back off the coastline and we are locking at sunny skies, overnight lows will be mild and we are dealing with temperatures about 62 degrees for santa rosa as we start the morning. tomorrow getting outside 58, 63 concord, 61 livermore, haywood, redwood and san francisco at 56 at the coolest time about sunrise. satellite, radar, we have the clear sykes but i want to show you the moisture. we could see a little bit of build up over the range as well as the san benito. if you see that out there that's where it is coming from. afternoon highs expected for tomorrow, 91napa, 100 fairfield, no relief for antioch. 101 expected, 96 concord and areas around pleasanton. 89 redwood city, upper 60's, low 70s for the coast.
10:50 pm
73 for san francisco. . the extended forecast. bumping it up tomorrow and then wednesday we start to see a turn around. we start the cooling trent and this trend will last us all the way into the weekend. if its been to hot for you just wait a little while. we are talking low 80's for the inland. but low average for this time of year. >> britain's new couple got in exercise today during a stop at prince edward island canada. they took part in a men verses women dragon boat race. the men won, later the prince showed off his military helicopter skills making his first ever water landing. canada is the only country that trains pilots to make water landings. >> some in the east bay used the holiday to bring attention to an important made cal cause. the event is named for a girl who died in her sleep.
10:51 pm
doctors say it was similar to sids but wasn't. they know it because of her age. the run and walk is to raise money and create public awareness. >> 62 hot dogs in ten minutes. how joey chestnut dealt with temperatures as he tried to defend his title.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
. san jose's joey chestnut won his 5th straight hot dog eating contest today. he ate 61 62 in ten minutes. he said all he had to do was find his rhythm. his mother said her son prepared by eating mostly milk and hot dogs for the past few weeks. >> in victory for either the a's or the giants. >> not the best of days and for giants fans little to familiar. remember last season the padres just seemed to have their number. losses when just one more well placed hit or pitch could have made the difference but they don't get either. what's more american than
10:55 pm
marrying a marine at a baseball game on the 4th of july? pablo and that's just the beginning of the story. check out the guy who dives off his boat to get the ball and it's a hit and run. he does come away with the ball but fortunately that detective didn't have an engine behind it. the 9th. 4-2 padres adding to it as -- they go deep, the giants fall shy. 5-3. tim goes only five innings, allows three runs and now only six and seven. >> balls are falling where -- i didn't want them to and just wasn't hitting my spot. i got behind batters and let guys take base on me which wasn't easy. pretty much just all round a
10:56 pm
bad outing. >> meantime little different on the other side of the bay. nothing looking like a sell out and just another far to quiet afternoon at the plate as far as a's fans are concerned as they search for that hot streak that could send them back into the race. the spirit was there way oakland batters only three hits on the entire afternoon and curt had a couple of them. this one scores matsui with a run that made it 1-0. we have a 1-1 ball game in the 7th before justin smoke lives up to his name. smoking one down the line and ryan will score from first with what turned out to be the game deciding run as 2-1 does hold up. american history made in france. , tyler becoming the first american to win a stage of the tour tour de france on the 4th
10:57 pm
of july. his first stage victory also. his teammate still wearing the yellow jersey as the early overall leader and finally tonight the raider nation sends out a happy birthday to al davis born on the 4th of july 82 years ago. that's the sporting line up for holiday monday. >> remember the pictures of him walking the sidelines. he was great. >> prowling. >> yeah. he has been great. >> he is still very much involved with the franchise. >> who would have thought. tim, six of seven. >> yeah. couple of things go one way or the other today and it's a different story. bloop hit to start the game, led to the pad reruns and just aren't falling his way so to speak. he will get it back. e.e. absolutely. >> . >> thank you. we sure to join us in the morning beginning at 4:30. our cameras will follow any
10:58 pm
illegal fireworks activity overnight. > thank you for joining us.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Britain 3, France 3, Mexico 3, Oakland 3, Afghanistan 2, San Jose 2, Justin 2, Antioch 2, New York 2, London 2, Richmond 2, Northern California 2, California 2, Tnt 1, Cal 1, Padres 1, Truaered Coulding 1, Citi 1, Marina 1, The Giants 1
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